Canberra Pathfinders

Dear Pathfinder Parents

The Pathfinder uniform helps make the Pathfinder program real and visible. It is emblematic and representative of the worldwide ideals and standards of Pathfinders. Each individual member becomes a very vital representative, and wearing the uniform will help to provide a consciousness of belonging to a club that rightly represents the Pathfinders of today. If the uniform is worn as everyday clothing, it will have failed in its purpose.

The uniform should always be neat and clean. Wearing it commonly for ordinary play or work lowers its dignity. The Pathfinder club program should be so valuable to each member that the uniform will be acquired and worn with enthusiasm.

It is recommended that uniforms be worn on the following occasions:

Below is the uniform requirement of each Pathfinder and Staff member. You will notice some changes, this year we have endeavored to make our uniform a bit more practical for our environment; we would request that all Pathfinders comply with the uniform. Please ensure your Pathfinder has a full uniform, hire arrangements of uniform can be made with the club.



Due to our cold winters in Canberra it is advised that all Pathfinders wear a Plain Black jacket over their uniform. Thermals may also be worn under the uniform so long as they are not showing.

Field Uniform

Club T-shirt (with Pathfinder emblem and club symbol)

Shorts, jeans, slacks

Along with the pride of wearing a uniform there is the correct placement of insignia / badges.

Below you will find the correct placement, please ensure all insignia / badges are in the correct position. If we can all be the same that will help with unity, and the consistency in our appearance will show when we are out in the community and at Camporee time.

To be eligible for the Pathfinder of the Year Award, Pathfinders must be in full uniform when required. Full uniform is not just wearing a uniform but wearing it correctly i.e.: Neat and tidy

Parents, your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

With kindest regards

Yours sincerely

Graham Rath