Canberra Pathfinders

Code of Conduct – Pathfinders

The Pathfinder club is a church-centred spiritual-recreational program designed for young people ten to fifteen years of age (and/or Year 5 to Year 10 or equivalents). Pathfindering appeals to this age group because its program features activities that meet their needs and interests. It is filled with action, adventure, challenge and group activities, and provides opportunities for the development of new attitudes and skills that produce personal growth, team or community spirit and a sense of loyalty and respect for God, His creation and His church.

The purpose of Pathfindering is to encourage the spiritual, physical, mental, and social development of young people. This is achieved by the example and guidance of dedicated men and women who help the Pathfinder members in the fulfillment of the Pathfinder Pledge and Law, so they become constructive and responsible citizens.

This Code of Conduct is expected of all Pathfinders.

Pathfinders shall: